This is so cool” – David, Columbus, OH, United States

Excellent seller, very friendly, helpful & prompt. Highly recommended!!!! Great doing business with you. Thanks a million for the nice surprise!” – Rene, Ficksburg, South Africa

Hein Van Der Merwe is wonderlik… Sjoe, sy werke gaan nog miljoene werd word. Pragtig om dit so absoluut aggressief te bemark. Dit word raakgesien. Daar is baie baie van sy werke op BOB om te kies. Dankie” (Translation: Hein van der Merwe is wonderful… Wow, his works are still going to become worth millions. Beautiful to see such aggressive marketing. It is recognized. There are many of his works on BidorBuy to choose from. Thank you) -  Anton, Tarkastad, South Africa

Awesome” – Szidi, Romania

Wonderful.” – Enya, United States

Beautiful. I like your style a lot.” – Dessislava, Bulgaria

This is beautiful!” – Kara, United Kingdom

Awesome colours and lovely brush strokes. I love it!” – Mira, Australia

W O W !!!” – Caroline, Cape Town, South Africa

Nicely done. Beautiful.” – Sheniqua, Philippines

What flipping fantastic art! It’s stunning!” – Lynnette, Cape Town, South Africa

Beautiful! Well done. Your style reminds me of Ensor, a belgian painter… gorgeous.” – Vera, Greece

This is stunning! And really clever – I also love the colour scheme – very original.“- Susannah, United Kingdom (on ‘Hill Town‘)

I like. Very Van Goghy.” – Willis, United States

Wow, that’s amazing!!!” – Kami, Bulgaria

Lovely work” – Toni, United States

I love your Impressionist style. Reminds me a lot of Cezanne’s work.” – Lizz, United States

Very lovely! It has a cool feeling to it.” – Halla, United States

My compliments for your sensible, strong paintings. Like them a lot.” – Hans, Netherlands

I sense a story here and it’s keeping me curious. That is hard to do with me so kudos to you!” – Tari, Canada

For some reason your style really reminds me of Paul Gaguin. Such beautiful colors.” – Christina, United States

It is so great!” – Ronald, Canada

Thats… amazing.” – Emilee, United States

Very nice.” – Carolyn, United States

Wonderful palette!” – Stefan, Germany

Beautiful landscapes! Nice colors and shapes are interesting.” – Gregory, Russia

Very cool. I like the style and the colors and the angles and such. Well done.” – Connor, United States

Beautiful and vibrant work – I love all the texture!” – Paula, United Kingdom

Stunning, love the vivid colours and bold clouds! Such expressive works you have!” – Deanna, Australia

Great colors.” – Thomas, Casablanca, Morocco

Some of the best art I’ve seen on FaceBook. Great stuff, great use of colour.” – Pete, UK

I love it.” – Iurey, Moldova

I really got in love with your works! It’s amazing!” – Hazan, Indonesia

Great art and cover design!” – Starving Artist Comics

Your work is awesome!” – Duran, United States

I’ve bought two of your paintings, and I have to say that I am extremely proud to be the owner of “Factories on Sunday”. I personally think that it’s the most beautiful out of everything you’ve done. Looking forward to seeing more!” – Hersheal, South Africa

You have created a lot of distinction in a busy environment with mostly flat colors. Very nice work!” – George Rottkamp, United States

Your work is great.” – Jenny, France

I think I have found my Mentor! What’s it like to have an “unofficial” student of your work on another continent?” – Bonny

Yeah, that work has a great classic feel. I’d like to see more things like this in an old school way. Very nice and will look at more of it.” – Will, United States

“You amaze me…” – Keith, Canada

You astound me! Your paintings are quite stunning. Good to have coffee with you the other day. We must do it again. Sterkte and may you sell lotsa paintings.” – Dawid, South Africa

I enjoyed your gallery. My favorite work of yours was your comic book illustration. I’ll keep an eye out for upcoming work of yours. Can’t wait.” – Taylor, United States

Hein- dit is asemrowend mooi! en net waarvan ek hou.(Translation: Hein- this is breathtakingly beautiful! and exactly what I like.) -  Johan, South Africa

Ek is regtig beindruk Hein.  Nie net jou werke nie, maar ook jou persoonlikheid, laat ‘n ewige indruk op mens!(Translation: I am really impressed Hein. Not only with your work, but also your personality, which leaves an everlasting impression!) -  Adri, South Africa

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